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Wood CNC Router Comparison Between T-slot Table And Vacuum Table

Wood cnc router, as an efficient woodworking machine, are widely used in furniture and advertising industries. However, many different kinds of wood cnc router are available and the working performance & function vary much, thus it is hard to select the best cnc router for woodworking, especially to those who are new in the field. Nowadays, 2 kinds of working tables are mostly used for tabletop cnc router machine, namely, vacuum adsorption table and profile fixture table. Here are some detail on the cnc router comparison between the two tables and instructions on how to choose the best cnc router for their wood works.

cnc t slot table

1. Fixing principle:

Vacuum adsorption table: There are generally 6 adsorption holes on the table, which is called 6-vacuum-adsorption zone (3/9-zone, etc. are available). Vacuum pump is connected to the bottom of working table, the vacuum pump and control valve will be turned on after the workpiece is placed on the table, and then the negative pressure generated by vacuum pump will firmly adsorb the workpiece onto the table.

cnc router aluminum Profile table: A profile with T-slot is placed on the bottom of the working table with a layer of PVC on top. When working, the workpiece is put on the working table and then fixed by tightening screws according to the size and thickness of the workpiece.

vacuum absorption table

2. Material requirements:

Vacuum adsorption table: The bottom of workpiece must be flat with no curve or crack, too thin and too thick material are not permitted. This machine table is very suitable for line carving and relief engraving of wooden doors and panel furniture.

Profile fixture table: suitable for workpieces of irregular or special shapes which is hard to fixed by vacuum table, embossing, hollowing, cutting and other processes require profile fixture table. Also, Some materials that cannot be adsorbed, such as copper and aluminum materials, must be fixed by aluminum profile fixture table.

3. Advantages and disadvantages:

Vacuum adsorption table: it is easy to load and unload, the fixing can be automatic and thus has high fixing speed, the whole process does not exceed ten seconds, high working efficiency and high precision;

Profile t slot table: this table has wide application range and can be used for different works. Though low cost, this fixing will have to be carried out by hand and low cost, the operation takes long time and thus working efficiency is much lower.

fixture tool

4. Price:

vacuum pump and rubber plate table will have to be taken for vacuum adsorption, the power of spindle motor is generally big one, so the price is much high, also, power consumption and maintenance cost are pretty higher. Profile t slot machine, owing to their high cost performance, thus becomes to be the best entry level cnc router.


For hollowing, embossing process and some workpices of special materials and shapes, the best affordable cnc router with t slot table can be ideal choice and thus is recommended. Whiles high precision cnc router with vacuum absorption table is recommended for works of wooden door, cabinet doors, wardrobes and whole house customization.

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