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Why Large Cutting Slope By Plasma Cutting Machine? How To Avoid It?

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When the plasma arc of the plasma cutting machine penetrates the cutting material, the cutting surface will be inclined at a certain angle due to the elliptical arc surface. In practical applications, we need to understand the inclination angle according to different processing requirements in order to determine Can the cut material need to be processed twice?

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Through research and practice, it is found that the inclination angle of the cutting surface is related to the cutting material and the quality of plasma power source. For example, when cutting soft metals such as aluminum, the roughness is poor and the cutting surface is irregular. When cutting carbon rigid plates, the roughness is basically the same as that of flame cutting, but the inclination angle is larger. The cutting roughness of different types of plasma power sources is slightly different, and the use of different cutting gases also affect the cutting roughness. Plasma cutting has high requirements for speed adjustment and cutting height, and it is easy to leave cutting slag. The unburned metal content in the slag is more than that in flame cutting & metal laser cutting and is relatively difficult to remove.

In the plasma cutting process, because the flow velocity decreases, the plasma arc movement track is inclined, so the cutting section will show a certain angle of slope, and the slope of the section is unavoidable in plasma cutting. Under normal circumstances, the slope of the cutting surface of the domestic plasma power supply is controlled at 5°-15°. If the plate is not particularly thick, the slope of the cutting surface will not be obvious. If there is no special requirement for the end face of the work-piece, I believe that plasma cutting is processed The best choice.

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The specific plasma cutting effect is affected by many factors, such as the setting of the cutting speed, the supply pressure of the air compressor, the loss of the cutting nozzle, etc. The plasma power supply is only one of the factors that affect the cutting effect.

If you have special requirements for the slope of the cutting surface, you can choose an imported plasma power supply. The control accuracy of the slope is higher, but the corresponding price has also increased. Or use other processing methods, such as laser cutting machines, but laser cutting is much more expensive than plasma cutting. If the plate is made of carbon steel, it is recommended that you use flame cutting with a vertical cutting section.

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