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What Caused the Difference of CNC Router Price

Jeesun cnc router machine

Now CNC router has been widely used in furniture production factories. The price of CNC router varies from USD 5000 to more than USD 50000,why?Because the CNC parts that used make price different.

cnc router control system
The wood router control system

Lets see what CNC part make the price of CNC Router different:

1.CNC Router Parts–Spindle: The power of spindle motor is different, generally used spindle’s output is 3.5 kW, 4.5 kW, 6 kW 。We can choose according to different configurations the main role of the spindle is to cutting, punching, tapping, slotting, etc. Now the best spindle motors are Reisser 758, Taiwan Delta, Changchuan spindle, OUSRC spindle.

cnc router spindle
cnc router spindle price

2. The different ways of cooling method of motors will also lead to the final price fluctuation. For example, water cooling is based on its own water circulation to dissipate heat. Air cooling is based on the fan to dissipate heat. Water cooling is better than air cooling in essence, but the facilities needed for water cooling are more expensive. Once damaged, the replacement cost is higher, the general problem of air cooling is fan noise. It’s also loud, but it’s better to replace the fan when it’s damaged.

3.The CNC Router has a part called a reducer, which makes the CNC router much more advance. The CNC router equipped with a reducer can get more torque, increase the kinetic energy of the machine, and improve the efficiency of the machine. It is the same function as the gearbox in the car, improve the performance and increase the service life of the wood CNC Router Machine. Japan’s Shinbao, Taiwan’s Liming, Germany’s Taxus are commonly used on the market.

cnc router reducer

4.CNC Router Table and Dust Collection System:The CNC wood Router table affect the accurance of the cutting and drilling.Jeesun CNC Router adopt thick steel panel to procude CNC Router table which guarantee the the stable of the wood router.

The sawdust produced by cutting is brushed down from the brush under the dust hood on the main shaft and then sucked away by the vacuum cleaner. This is the so-called second automatic dust removal function.

wood cnc router table

5.Tow Chian–On the top of the CNC router, you will see something similar to the track. It is called “tow chain”. According to different configurations, the specifications of X, Y and Z axes tow chain are different. The control panel has a key blanking function. The tow chain drives the worktable to blank along the guide rail, and the feeding platform is also needed when feeding.

Jeesun cnc router machine

The above is the factors that affect the CNC router price,If you need China CNC router Price,Pls feel free to contact us!

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