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sheet metal laser cutting machine: How to reduce burrs?

sheet-metal laser cutting machine

As a highly-precise processing machine, CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine is widely used in the fabrication of various metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, etc. During the sheet metal laser cutting, the high energy generated by laser beam irradiates the surface of workpiece which vaporize and evaporate the workpiece rapidly to achieve the purpose of cutting. During sheet metal laser cutting, burrs are one of the common phenomena produced by sheet metal laser cutting machine. Irregular parts appearing at the surface transition of workpiece during laser cutting, such as sharp corners, burrs, etc, are burrs.

The burr directly affects the dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece. If a material has burrs, then the material can be regarded as qualitatively defective. The more burrs there are, the lower the quality will be. How does burr occur? What measures should be taken to reduce the occurrence of burrs?

According to the working principle of cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine, the cause and solution of the burr are as shown below:

Cause 1: There is a deviation in the up and down position of the focus of laser beam. The energy is not concentrated on the workpiece, and the workpiece is not sufficiently vaporized.

Solution: Adjust the position of the focus of laser beam to the best state according to the deviation position it generates.

Cause 2: The output power of laser cutting machine is not enough to effectively vaporize the metal

Solution: Check whether the laser cutting machine is working normally. If abnormal, repair and maintain the metal laser cutter in time; if normal, check whether the output value is correct.

Cause 3:. The cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine is too slow.

Solution: Adjust and increase the cutting speed in time to make it reach the normal value.

Cause 4: The purity of auxiliary gas of the cnc laser cutting machine is not enough.

Solution: Replace the auxiliary gas which has higher purity.

Cause 5: the working performance of fiber laser cutting machine is unstable caused by the long working time.

Solution: Turn off the laser cutting machine and restart it after a period of time to get a full rest.

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