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Mould-making-used 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine For Sale With Best Price


1). Strong machine structure

2). 5 axis for 3D carving

3). Advanced OSAI control system

4). Two years warranty

5). CE, ISO9001 certificate

库存 10 件 ( 可以延迟交货 )

5 axis cnc price Main Features:

1). The double-table design increases the working efficiency by allowing loading and unloading operations on one station without interrupting the work cycle;

2). World top brand control system for this Mould-making-used 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine With Best Price, advanced function and easy to operate with high precision;

3). CNC machining center with 5 synchronizing interpolated axes; Real-Time Tool Center Point Rotation (RTCP), well suited for 3D curved surface processing;

4). This 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine For Sale has heavy duty machine frame welded by thick steels, reliable and durable with no deformation;

5). High-quality main parts for the excellent working performance;

6). Working speed, traveling speed and cutting speed can all be controlled separately, which dramatically improve productivity and finish quality.

Model JSW-1530-5A Mould-making-used 5 axis cnc machine for sale
working size 1500*3000*650/1000mm, optional
Table Size 1550*3050mm
Rotating angle A: ±120°, C: ±245°
Spindle power 10/15KW
Spindle speed 22000r/min
Working Speed 20m/min
Max travelling speed X axis: 60m/min  Y axis: 60m/min  Z axis: 20m/min
Driving System Yaskawa servo
Transmission Y rack and pinion drive, X/Z ball screw drive
Software AlphaCAM, optional
Tool magazine 8 positions rotary type
Working voltage AC3P 380V 50HZ

Applicable Industries:

This Mould-making-used 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine can be widely used in following field:

Mold industry:

Various large metalloid molds, especially suitable for automotive foam mold, building model, wooden ship model, wooden model aviation, rail wooden mold and wooden mold train.

Instrument industry:

3D surface carving and shape cutting of large-scale instruments.

Furniture industry:

Cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, stereo box, computer desk, game cabinets, etc.

Decoration industry:

Acrylic, PVC, density board, stone, organic glass, aluminum and copper, etc.

5 axis cnc woodworking Projects:



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