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CNC plasma cutter table

Low Cost Hobby CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale

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1). Strong table type machine structure

2). working size: 5x10ft(1500x3000mm)

3). China Huayuan/USA Hypertherm plasma source

4). Arc-voltage height control

5). One year warranty

6). ISO9001, CE certificate

库存 20 件 ( 可以延迟交货 )

Main Features:

1). This hobby cnc plasma cutter has strong welded by square tubes and plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2).START control system with auto adjust height system for this hobby plasma cutter, smooth cutting in the case of high and low material;

3). This low cost plasma cutter take professional programming software, such as FastCAM/Starcam/other, easy to learn and can convert drawings into G code automatically for the machine;

4). Reliable parts from china and abroad to guarantee the excellent working performance;

5). Suit for:aluminum, galvanized sheet, stainless steel,iron plate, titanium sheet, etc;

6). Options of water table and flame cutting system for cnc plasma cutting table;

Machine Details:

1).Heavy duty machine structure

2).China Start/Fangling CNC control system

3).FastCAM nesting Software

4).Arc-voltage height control system

5).China Huayuan Plasma source

Brand Jeesun cnc plasma cutter cost
Model JSP-1530S
Effective cutting range 1500*3000mm(5x10ft)
Z working area 150mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.02mm
Cutting mode Plasma cutting
Plasma Cutting thickness Upon actual plasma source
Plasma Cutting speed 0-8000mm/min
LCD Display Dimension 7.0 inches
Input Voltage 380v±10%, 3 phase, 50Hz
Working temperature -10°C-60°C; relative Humidity: 0-95%
Option Drilling system; Oxy-fuel cutting system; Pipe rotary device;

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  1. Craig Hayes

    Wonderful machine and perfect for my works, nice experience here, thanks!

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