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Desktop Laser Engraver

Desktop CNC Co2 Laser Engraving Machine for Sale

1). Different options of laser tubes

2). Specially for cutting of non-metal materials

3). Ruida control system and advanced software

4). High cutting speed and accuracy

5). one year warranty

6). ISO9001, CE certificate

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Desktop CNC Co2 Laser Engraving Machine for Sale

Main Features:

1). Imported high-precision linear guide rails for stable running and excellent engraving performance;

2). Advanced Ruida control system which has better stability, better resistance to high pressure, anti-static properties of interference;

3). New-style high-efficiency RECI laser tube is adopted for CO2 Laser Engraver Machine. The laser beam is more stable than the traditional type. Usage age is more than 10000 hours;

4). High-quality square tube framework, fuselage strength is 40% higher than iron sheet structure, greatly reducing the quivering, resonance, and distortion during long term work;

5). The option of an automatic up-down table and rotating fixture for thick materials and cylindrical items;

6). The option of multi-laser-head for Desktop CNC Co2 Laser Engraving Machine for Sale which can mutually be shifted to improve working efficiency and working performance;

Machine model 4030 Desktop laser engraving machine acrylic
Working size 400*300mm
Laser type Sealed CO2 laser tube, wavelenght:10:64μm
Laser power 50W/60W
Cooling mode Circulating water cooling
Laser power control 0-100% software control
Control system DSP offline control system
Max. engraving speed 60000mm/min
Max cutting speed 50000mm/min
Repetition accuracy ≤±0.01mm
Min. Letter Chinese:1.5mm, English:1mm
Table size 400*300mm
Working voltage 110V/220V.50-60HZ
Working conditions temperature:0-45℃, humidity:5%-95%
software language English/Chinese
File formats *.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*.ai,*.las,*.doc

Applicable Materials:

co2 laser engraving machine price can be used for various types of non-metal materials, including acrylic, MDF, fabric, leather, wood, plexiglass, plastic, ceramic tile, marble, paper, rubber, etc.

Applicable Industries:

Advertising signage, craft gifts, crystal jewelry, paper-cutting process, architectural model, lighting, printing and packaging, electronic appliances, photo frame making, clothing leather and other industries

laser engraving machine Projects:



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