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CNC plasma pipe cutter machine

Chinese Automated H Beam CNC Robotic Plasma Cutter for Sale

1). Heavy duty machine structure

2). China Huayuan/USA Hypertherm plasma source

3). Specially for square/rectangular tubes

4). Can be used for 3D bevel cutting

5). Two years warranty

6). ISO9001, CE certificate

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robotic plasma cutter Main Features:

1). This automated plasma cutter has strong machine structure welded by thick steel plates & tubes, reliable and durable with no deformation;

2). Working size of chinese plasma cutter can be made to order upon working requirement;

3). Different kinds of profiles can be applied by robotic plasma cutter machine, including round, Square, Rectangular, Oval tube, Channel steel, H-beam, Angle steel, etc

4). Top quality parts & components to ensure long service life and excellent performance, including Hypertherm plasma cutter, Japan servo motor, etc

5). Human-computer interaction, simple and convenient to operate and longer service life.
6). Advanced profile cutting system based on AutoCAD platform, convenient and fast modeling, can directly generate standard G code.

7). Different functions of 3D simulation nodal expansion, Ultra long pipe partition, Pipe fittings optimization, Powerful file compatibility with EGES, DXF, SAT, STL, etc.

Name Jeesun robotic plasma cutter
Diameter range Φ50×50-300x300mm(customizable)
Pipe length 6/12mmm(customizable)
cutting thickness In terms of plasma source
Cutting speed 10-6000 mm/min
Moving speed 12000 mm/min
Max loading weight 3000Kg
Cutting accuracy ±1mm
Y Automatic feeding 0-7500mm(customizable)
X1 positioning and moving of fixing device 30-380mm(customizable)
Z1 pressing and leveling of profile


Z2 Height-adjusting and clamping of profiles 30-350mm(customizable)
ABCRZW Rotating and positioning movement systems 0-360°
Max loading weight 3000Kg
Power supply 380V± 10%, 50Hz, 220V± 10%, 50Hz

Applicable Industry:

automated plasma cutter for sale can cut slope beam, H beam, angle beam, U/I beam of various metal materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, etc, thus is widely used in warehouse buildings, marine engineering, curtain wall building, ship building, offshore construction industries, steel structure building, etc.

cnc plasma cutter projects:



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