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3 axis Mini CNC Router Kit For Sale

1). Compact but strong aluminum alloy structure

2). Options of different spindles

3). For different metal and non-metal materials

4). One year warranty

5). ISO9001, CE certificate

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3 Axis Mini CNC Router Kit For Sale

Main Features:

1). This 3 axis Mini CNC Router Kit has compact machine design, easy to move and place;

2). Options of water tank for processing of hard materials, such as glass, marble and so on.

3). Different options of water cooling spindle for different works.

4). Aluminum alloy machine structure, small weight but high strength.

5). Excellent compatibility with CAD/CAM software e.g. Type 3/Artcam/Castmate/ Wentai, etc.

Machine Detail:

1). Integrated and compact control box

2). Reliable stepper motors, high torque and sensitivity

3). water cooling spindle for hard materials,such as metal, jade,etc

4). Aluminum alloy machine structure

Model JSA-6090 3 axis Mini CNC Router Kit For Sale
Rack material: aluminum alloy
Working size 600*900*150MM
Engraving depth depends on the length of the tool edge
Rail type Linear guide rail
Type of screw Ball screw
Spindle motor: 1.5KW water cooling spindle, 0-24000r/min
Collet type: ER11, 1/8″(3.175mm) and 6mm Collet
Driving type Stepper motor and drive
Engraving speed 300-3000mm/min
Engraving accuracy 0.03mm
Repeat positioning Accuracy 0.03mm
Software Compatibility Weihong/Mach3 (Type3,Wentai, ArtCAM, coppercam)
Command code: G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt
Rotation Axis (4th Axis) Yes

Advertising industry:

3 axis Mini CNC Router Kit can be used for different fields, including signage, logo products, trademarks, nameplates, badges, decorative gift, embossed medals, certificates, souvenirs, photo frames, furniture decoration, PVC plates, PCB boards(drilling and engraving),Double color boards,acrylic etc.
Woodworking Industry:

3 axis Mini CNC Router Kit can be used for solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, MDF paint doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, cupboard doors and windows, cabinets, folding screen etc.

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