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2-spindle with Drilling System Woodworking CNC Router Machine Center

1.Strong table type structure with vacuum table

2.Taiwan Syntec control system and advanced software

3.2-spindle + drilling system for different works

4.High working efficiency and automation

5.Two years warranty

6.ISO9001, CE certificate

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2-spindle with Drilling System Woodworking CNC Router Machine Center

CNC Wood Cutting Machine Main Features:

1). Heavy duty machine structure and high-quality components ensure the excellent performance, and high precision running;

2). Two spindles make cutting and grooving possible without changing tools. Also, another set of drilling system makes different kinds of works possible.

3). Different options are available for different works, such as 1/2 spindles + drilling system, disk type ATC spindle, disk type ATC spindle+ drilling system, etc;

4). An option of automatic loading system is available which can work as part of panel furniture production line.

5).vacuum sucking table can absorb different sizes of plates, the minimum opening plate width can be 25mm;

6). Fully open operating software with powerful compatibility can be connected with a variety of panel furniture design and split software.

Machine Detail:

1). Heavy duty thick seamless steel structure machine body.

2). vacuum table with vacuum sucking function

3). Servo Drivers, big torque and excellent performance

4). Auto tool sensor & auto locating pin make tool setting and fix the workpiece automatically

5). Powerful air-cooling spindle.

6). Advanced Taiwan Syntec control system.

Working Size 2500*1300*200mm
Unloading Speed 15m/min
Spindle Power 6.0KW/5.5KW
Traveling Speed 40m/min
Working Speed 18m/min
Controller Taiwan Syntec
Transmission X/Y axis: Rack and Pinion; Z axis: Ball Screw Drive
Driving System Yaskawa servo motors
Table Structure Vacuum Table
Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ

Applicable Industries:


Panel furniture, official furniture, wooden door, cabinet, plate, tables, chair.Wood products: voice box, game cabinets, computer tables, sewing machines table, instruments.

Panel processing:

insulating part, working of plastic; PCB; stone, marble, acrylic, PVC, MDF, organic glass and the cutting processing of cooper aluminum etc soft metal sheet.

Sample products:



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