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How Much Does A Plasma Cutter Cost: factors to consider

how much does a plasma cutter cost
CNC plasma cutter machine

How much does a plasma cutter cost? How to choose the best cheap plasma cutter for metal works? There are some key factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the CNC plasma cutting machine.

1. Working size

The working size of CNC plasma cutter machine covers a wide range and the machine is thus suitable for plates of different sizes. CNC plasma cutting machine, in terms of the working size and machine structure, can be roughly divided into table type plasma cutting machine and gantry type plasma cutting machine. The working area of table type plasma cutter machine ranges from 1300x2500mm to 2000x6000mm, whiles the gantry type plasma cutting machine is suitable for large plates with a width of 2m-6m and length of 4m-20m (customized according to work requirements).

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter Machine with Affordable Prices
How much does a plasma cutter cost

2. Material to cut

CNC plasma cutter machine can cut almost all metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper and so on. The surface of non-ferrous metals can not be oxidized, so plasma cutting will have to be taken, which, undoubtedly, effectively solve the problem that oxygen cutting can not cut stainless steel and non-ferrous materials.

3. Thickness of plate

The physical characteristics and melting points of different materials are quite different. Plasma cutting has the advantages of high cutting speed, high cutting precision and high working efficiency for medium and thin thickness plate. But when cutting carbon steel or low alloy steel whose thickness is more than 100mm, the verticality, the width of cutting seam and the economy of cutting are not as good as oxygen cutting. Therefore, oxyfuel cutting is suggested to work together with plasma cutting for cutting works of carbon steel or low alloy steel above 100 mm. At the same time, the maximum cutting thickness of plasma power supply refers to the limit cutting thickness under the condition of standard voltage input, the cutting effect of this thickness is not ideal and economical, thus it is not recommended to select model of plasma power source according to the maximum cutting thickness.

4. machine structure

The table type plasma cutter machine has compact structure and is easy to move. It is mainly suitable for cutting thin plates in advertising and other sheet metal processing industries. Whiles the structure of gantry type machine is strong and big which has high strength and durability. It is mainly used for cutting works of large and medium thickness plates.

5. Major parts

1).CNC System

CNC system is the key part of plasma cutting machine, the quality and function of the system determine the cutting quality and the operation stability of the whole machine. CNC systems which are provided by manufacturers with technological research and development capabilities are recommended to guarantee the excellent working performance.
2).Driving system and mode

The driving system is divided into two categories: stepper drive and servo drive. From a practical point of view, stepper motor can generally meet the requirements of economic running and thus is recommended for table type machine and economic type gantry machine. In the driving mode, according to the different structure of the machine, bilateral-side drive and unilateral-side drive are available.

3).Transmission system

Different transmission system are available for different plasma cutting machines, generally, the gantry type CNC cutting machine adopts 24 KG light rail and 38 KG heavy rail, and other small format machines can use T-type guideway; linear guideway can also be considered.

4).plasma power supply

Both domestic brands, such as Chengdu Huayuan, and imported brands, Hypertherm from United States and Kjellberg from Germany are available for working options. Plasma power supplies of different brands and models have quite different cutting capacity and cutting effect, the price also varies much.

USA Hypertherm plasma source

Therefore, the customers should consider the above factors comprehensively according to their own work requirements and budget and select the appropriate and best cheap plasma cutter to achieve the optimal cutting effect.

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