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Fiber Laser Marker Machine: Perfect Solution for Shell Logo of Iphone

In order to highlight the brand recognition, many suppliers will engrave the brand logo on the back cover of the mobile phone. Though seemingly small logo, the processing requirements are very high, the shells of iPhone4 iPhone4S iPhone5 iPhone7S and iPad are aluminum material of different colors, the traditional processing method is difficult to meet the processing requirements, thus the fiber laser marker machine is taken to ensure the processing speed and quality.

a logo marker on iphone
a logo marked on iphone

The fiber laser marker machine takes some customized laser which is characterized of stable performance and has a long life of up to 10W hours. 20W fiber laser marker machine can be taken to engrave text and logo on the aluminum shell of iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5S, black engraving performance can be well met as long as it is aluminum material. The shell of iPhone5C is plastic and can be perfectly marked with ultraviolet laser marking machine.

Main features of fiber laser marker machine:

  1. Fiber laser source as power source, high electro-optical conversion rate, compact structure, excellent and stable beam quality. The lifespan of Fiber laser source can be more than 100,000 hours. They are truly maintenance-free, saving much further maintenance costs.

2, Fiber laser marker machine has a good spot pattern with simple single line, suitable for ultra-fine processing, also, high system integration and less failure makes it suitable for industrial processing.

iphone logo marked by laser marking machine

3, The marked graphics and text will not fade due to friction and can be permanent.

4, No consumables, low power consumption, completely air-cooled, the total power consumption of the whole machine is less than 1000 watts.

5, Free of affect by harsh environment and temperature changes, working will not be disturbed with battery when power off.

6, Suitable for marking of barcode, text graphics, two-dimensional code, it supports PLT, DXP, BMP and other file formats, directly use SHX, TTF fonts; the system can automatically encode, automatically print serial number, batch number, date and so on. Together with the high-level mapping software of our company, excellent marking effects can be well guaranteed.

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