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Fiber Laser Cutter: How Much Does A Laser Cutter Cost?

How Much Does A Laser Cutter Cost

CNC fiber laser cutter, owing to their obvious characteristics of smooth cutting surface, high cutting speed and accuracy, are widely used for different kinds of cutting works, especially industries which impose higher standard and requirement on the cutting speed and accuracy. When it comes into purchase, However, people are most probably get confused which fiber laser cutter to choose and how much does a laser cutter cost.

metal laser cutter

How much does a laser cutter cost? Several factors will have to be taken into consideration, including main parts, function, service and processing quality, etc.

1.Main Parts: 

The fiber laser cutter machine is composed of different systems, mechanic, electric, control, power, etc, different parts are taken, such as laser power, motors, control systems, guide rail, etc, all of which will affect the price of Laser cutting machines:


Motor provides the driving force and is related to the precision of laser cutting machine, 2 kinds of motors are available: servo motor and stepper motor, price varies much of different brands and models, the precision of laser cutting machine will be different as well.

B.Laser power

IPG fiber laser power source

Different powers of fiber laser source, have different application and working performance, the price differs much. There are also much difference of power/models for even the same kind of laser.

C.Guide rail & ball-screw

As the main transmission system, Guide rail & ball screw affect the running accuracy of the whole laser cutting machine, the cost of local brand and imported ones are quite different, buyer should pay special attention to that.

2.Different Models

There are various models available which have different working size and main parts, the price of different models will be different, the user needs to choose the most suitable model according to their working requirement so as to make the best use of the machine and bring higher returns for the enterprise value.


laser plate cutting machine
laser cut aluminum

Different kinds of laser cutting machines have different functions and applications, for example, fiber laser cutter machine is mainly used for cutting work of metal materials, such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, alloy, etc, whiles co2 laser cutter machine is specially for non-metal materials and can not be used for metal materials, so the buyer should select the right machine to avoid trouble during working.

4. After-sales Service

After-sales service is a key issue to be considered, especially for the complicated and big power one, The full service can guarantee the safety and timely maintenance of the user’s equipment. This requires professional and in-time after-sales service from suppliers. Different manufacturers, after-sales service from different suppliers are different and it also affects the price.

5.Mechanical Assembly Quality

CNC maching center

In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use thin iron sheets to make machine shells. But for a long time, the frame will deform easily, which will affect the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machines. A good laser cutting machine should be made of strong frame structure, welded with high quality steel and made of high quality cold rolled steel plate to make the shell. When users buy the machine, see if the quality can be found by using the frame structure, the thickness and strength of the shell iron.

 Though hard to give an easy and exact price, here are some price reference of different fiber laser cutter machines as below:

CNC fiber laser cutter machines for metal materials: the price ranges from 25000 to 300000 USD

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