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Factors affecting the accuracy of cnc router woodworking machine

Furniture Panel CNC Router Production Line With Auto Nesting Software

The precision of cnc router woodworking machine directly determines the yield of workpieces. The high-precision cnc router for cabinets plays a very important role in reducing defective products and reducing the loss of production materials. There are many factors affecting the accuracy of cnc router machine for wood. Then what factor determines the accuracy of cnc router machine for wood cabinets and how to avoid that?

cnc router for wood cabinets

1. Mechanical accuracy

The mechanical accuracy of the cnc router machine is the most basic condition to ensure the machining accuracy. The mechanical accuracy of the CNC router woodworking machine reflects the mechanical error of key mechanical parts such as the bed, column, axle box, etc, and the mechanical error after assembly. The mechanical accuracy Includes the flatness of working table, the verticality of the mutual movement of each coordinate direction, the parallelism of the worktable surface in X and Y directions, the radial circle runout of the spindle hole, the movement of the spindle axis, the spindle box is on the z coordinate axis 1 The parallelism of the spindle axis when moving in the centerline direction. The straightness of the spindle movement in the z-axis coordinate direction and the perpendicularity of the spindle axis to the surface of the worktable.

2. Transmission accuracy

The transmission accuracy of the cnc router machine for wood cabinets refers to the relative movement accuracy between the two ends of the related transmission chain in the machine tool. In the transmission chain between the spindle and the tool post, there are errors in gears, screws, bearings, etc., which make the tool post There is an error between the actual travel distance and the required travel distance. This error will directly lead to the pitch error of the workpiece. In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, not only the machine tool is required to have the necessary geometric accuracy, but also the inner transmission chain is required to have high transmission accuracy .

3. Working accuracy

Geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy and positioning accuracy are the static accuracy detected under no cutting load when the machine tool is not moving or the moving speed is low. As the actual machine tool is affected by the cutting force and clamping force, the machine tool is zero Factors such as thermal deformation of components, vibration effects of machine tools, and oil film between relative sliding surfaces affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

4. Positioning accuracy

The positioning accuracy of the wood engraving machine is the error between the position reached by the moving part controlled by the index control system and the desired position. This accuracy is the same as the geometric accuracy of the machine tool, and it will affect the cutting accuracy of the machine tool, especially the hole The hole pitch error in processing has an important effect.

The factors that determine the accuracy of the cnc router woodworking machine will be shared here. The finite element method is used to calculate and analyze the castings of the cnc router machine for wood cabinets. The combination of structural strength and reinforcing ribs increases the machine High rigidity.

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