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CNC Steel Profile & Beam Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine Line

beam profile cnc robotic plasma cutting machine

beam profile cnc robotic plasma cutting machine line is designed after years of technical research & development and experience accumulation. It is a high-speed and automatic cutting equipment specially used to cut h beam and other various profiles, including I beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc.).

Introduction of robotic plasma cutting machine for sale

beam profile cnc robotic plasma cutting machine line is designed after years of technical research & development and experience accumulation. It is a high-speed and automatic cutting equipment specially used to cut h beam and other various profiles, including I beam, channel steel, angle steel, etc.).

The large-scale structural frame constructed with beam profile is widely used in various construction fields, such as land & offshore oil drilling platform, ship-building, supermarket and stadium, bridge, TV & communication tower, etc.

For the convenience of welding, the end of H-beam should be cut out according to the construction type. The complexity of construction type and the diversity of size & type of different beam profiles put forward higher requirements for h beam cutting function and cutting performance.

Traditional beam cutting and other processing adopts various kinds of equipment for the beam profiles, mainly including CNC drilling machine, angle band saw, CNC milling machine, profile gas cutting machine, CNC intersecting line cutting machine, etc. This kind of processing equipment belongs to different processing fields and needs full cooperation for the best performance. Due to the low processing efficiency and automation, it is difficult to meet the growing demand of steel profile cutting works.

The robotic cnc plasma profile cutting machine adopts robotic flexible manipulator to cut, There are different working modes to choose, such as production line and single machine mode. The robotic cutting of steel beams and profiles is highly automatic, under the working mode of production line, it only needs to hoist the profile in the loading area without clamping and alignment, robotic cnc profile cutting machine can complete profile cutting and other cutting works of various beam profiles according to the processing code, including fixed length, groove, wedge head and many kinds of holes at one time, when working with the auxiliary equipment it can also automatically complete the functions of feeding, dedusting and discharging.

The operation is simple and easy to learn, and the cnc profile cutting machine can be easily operated with professional drawing knowledge unnecessary. It can replace the traditional saw cutting, locking processing, welding groove processing, drilling and other processes. The robotic plasma profile cutting machine can not only save the purchase and maintenance costs of a variety of cold processing machine tools for production enterprises, but also save a lot of floor space, processing hours and human resources of production workshops.

The control system of this automatic h beam cutting machine provides standard profile library(GB, JIS, ASTM) and welding groove (AWS, API, fixed angle, fixed point, fixed), it is compatible with IGES, DXF, sat and STL software interface, and provides NC class DSTV equivalent specifications. robotic plasma cutting machine for sale has many advantages, such as simple operation, high accuracy, high working efficiency, low labor cost and so on, and thus is widely used in many kinds of profile processing.

What can plasma beam cutting machine do?

As a kind of CNC cutting equipment with high automation and working efficiency, the robotic cnc plasma profile cutter machine can be widely used for cutting and blanking works of various profiles of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, including H-beam, channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, etc. At the same time, the robotic H/I beam cutting machine can cut beam profiles of different sizes.

Some people find it is difficult to tell the difference between the CNC plasma cutter and Angle Steel Punching Shearing Marking Line Machine.

The angel steel cutting machine can only produce angel steel.

The specific sizes that can be applied are as follows:

Function of cnc plasma profile cutting machine

The cnc robotic plasma beam cutting machine is a versatile equipment which supports various functions on H-beams, channels, angles, HSS, plates, etc, main functions are as follows:

*Copes and Notches

*Holes and Slots

*Compound Angle Cuts

*Welding preparation up to 45°

*Beam Spitting

*Scribing, Pop marks, Letters, etc.

Thus this cnc profile cutter machine replaces different kinds of traditional equipment:, including Beam Drilling machine, Bandsaw machine, Coping Machine, Angle Line, Marking Machine, etc.

Working video of robotic beam cutting machine

Why our robotic cnc beam cutting machine

1).The control system is mainly composed of industrial computer, laser, servo encoder and external sensor. The cutting program is made by special control software to realize multi axis linkage control and automatic cutting.

2).Parametric programming technology, the software stores all kinds of cutting modules and graphics, and only needs to give the corresponding parameters to realize cutting. The visual operation interface can realize all kinds of previews of the end of three-dimensional graphics, and intuitively display the track line, cutting line, profile inner and outer wall contour line, component length and weight and other information.

3).The robotic cnc plasma profile cutter for sale provides two cutting methods for selection: h beam gas cutting machine and plasma profile cutting machine, which are suitable for different materials and thicknesses to meet different work requirements.

4).IPC system automatically generates NC program according to the type and size of section steel. In the cutting process, it realizes automatic ignition, automatic sending / cutting off combustion gas and high pressure oxygen, which ensures the high automation of the system.

5).It is divided into three working areas: feeding area, cutting area and blanking area. The automatic feeding of section steel, positioning of cutting area and blanking of finished products are realized by program instruction and PLC signal transmission execution unit.

6).The laser detection device realizes the error detection of section steel to compensate the position error of the robot in cutting and ensure the accuracy of the section steel cutting machine.

7).According to the user’s requirements, it can develop a variety of cutting functions, realize a variety of cutting of spatial straight line, oblique line and curve for all kinds of section steel (such as angle steel and bulb flat steel), and can be slotted, flow hole, installation hole and welding groove.

Cutting sample of robotic cnc plasma profile cutter

Application of cnc h beam cutting machine

Robotic cnc plasma profile cutting machine has powerful function and wide application. It can cut H-beam, I-beam, channel steel and angle steel of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials in any form of intersecting and overlapping, so as to realize intersecting and hole cutting.

beam profile cnc robotic cutting machine is widely used in the following fields

* Building curtain wall

* Grid structure

* Stereo garage

* Steel structure

* Ocean Engineering

* Recreational facilities

* Fitness equipment

* Bridge construction, mine

* Communication tower


Main parts of cnc robotic plasma cutting machine

As a highly automated and complex machine system, beam profile cnc robotic cutting machine integrates different functional modules and systems. It is mainly composed of feeding area (buffering frame of base metal to be processed), feeding area (by section steel supporting and pushing mechanism, section steel roller table, section steel transverse positioning and pushing mechanism, etc.), cutting area (closed cutting room, cutting robot body, section steel fixing and locking) It is composed of equipment, laser measuring and rectifying device for profile steel deformation, scrap car, etc.), blanking area (profile steel roller table, profile steel blanking and pushing mechanism, finished profile steel workpiece buffer rack), system operation platform, dust removal system, plasma cutting power supply, etc.

Each system module is controlled by PLC to realize automatic feeding, cutting area positioning and finished product blanking.

CNC system & software


* Support Tekla Steel Structure Deepening software 3D modeling data file cutting

* Support bocad / SolidWorks / 3D3S / proe software solid model export sat file cutting

* Support AutoCAD 3D modeling file program compilation

* One click import component NC file information

* Automatic trajectory optimization

* Batch code generation

* Automatic error correction of structural parts

* Material report statistics

* Code lofting deployment

* Processing file replacement image splitting

* Optimization of component nesting

* Support all kinds of lap groove cutting

* Laser scanning shape detection to solve position deviation

* Anti collision function of cutting torch

* Intelligent marking

Roller frame & automatic feeding mechanism

Function: provide raw material storage area, mechanism lifting and feeding roller frame.

Composition: it is mainly composed of five groups of roller frame, unpowered roller and side positioning wheel. When the raw materials are put into the roller frame, the beam profile is sent to the side benchmark to ensure the accuracy of material feeding. Provide raw material storage area, operate four groups of lifting and moving trolley to cut the beam profile to the cutting roller station to complete automatic feeding.

Features: simple structure, simple operation, high feeding precision and high efficiency.

Function: automatic feeding of beam profile.

Structure: servo motor is used to control the feeding car to complete the pipe positioning and clamping device. Different pipes are driven by AC motor to lift the clamping device to reach the pipe positioning point for pneumatic clamping.

Features: intelligent clamping, saving labor. The trolley track uses precision guide rail and rack, which makes the feeding stable and accurate.

Cutting system

Function: the system controls the external axis including the cutting head to complete the cutting work of the workpiece.

Structure: it is mainly composed of machine arm, cutting station frame, plasma power supply, cutting head, etc. the cement foundation of the structure chassis is embedded and fixed to ensure high-speed operation.

Features: the external axis is driven by servo motor and guided by precision linear guide rail, so as to ensure the overall operation accuracy of the external axis and cutting head. The complex cutting trajectory is transformed into a simple multi-directional fitting trajectory. The operation in each direction is simple, the stability is good, and the overall structure is stable.

Multi-axis robotic arm

Tuned twice for absolute best in class accuracy and least cut-path following error.

• Complete with collision detection

• Stronger with a higher payload, further reducing vibration and sway

High definition plasma power & torch

High Definition Plasma technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc, improving arc stability and energy for more powerful precision cutting.

• Completely automatic gas and kerf control

• PATENTED hole taper compensation and advanced bevel tuning

Out-feeding area

Function: output and storage area of finished products.

Composition: roller frame, power roller, including AC motor conveying device. The workpiece stretches out from the cutting unit and overlaps on the power roller,

The power roller is driven to rotate by the motor through the chain to transport the workpiece, push the beam profile out of the material table, and then four groups of trolleys

The finished product is directly output for storage after cutting

Features: remote control station is provided to improve cutting efficiency and save labor.

Positioning and clamping

• Transport of profiles to correct position for cutting

• Hydraulic clamping

• Measuring and compensation of length and exact position of profile

Sensing device

• Sensing of profile geometry

• Compensation for distortions and inaccuracies

Measuring device

The measuring cart relays the exact position of the work piece to the robot. 

• Superior accuracy and measurement compared to pinch roll systems, which can slip

• Initially measures and displays the full length of the beam, which is not possible on pinch roll systems

How to buy the robotic cnc h beam cutting machine

The robotic beam profile cutting machine for sale is an highly automatic cutting system with advanced functions. Its structure is complicated and the function is complete. It is difficult for ordinary people to fully understand. At the same time, the section steel cutting machine on the market has different models and functions, which makes it impossible for people to start. What about the profile cutting machine? What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing?

Beam profile size

Various robotic cnc profile cutting machines are available from profile cutting machine manufacturer. They have different types and models, and the applicable sizes of beam profiles are also different. eg. the beam profile used in stereo garage is smaller, mostly below 700 × 400mm (web height × wing width), while the beam profile used in building steel structure is larger, mostly above 1250 × 600mm (web width × wing width), thus it is quite necessary to understand the industry and the specific size of beam profiles, and then select the appropriate model of cnc plasma profile cutter machine. Jeesun can customizes the cnc beam cutting machine according to the specific size of the workpiece to meet the special needs of different customers.

Working requirements

H beam and other profiles can be used in different industries, and the requirements for cutting and processing are different in different industries due to their industry attributes. For example, space straight line, oblique line, curve of a variety of cutting, slotting, water hole, installation hole and welding groove cutting. At the same time, there are great differences in the working efficiency and the degree of automation of the section steel cutting machine, which will affect the selection of the specific robotic steel beam cnc cutting machine. Therefore, customers should know their working requirements, including functions, efficiency and so on.

Control system & programming software

The control system and programming software are the brain of the cnc robotic profile cutter machine, which directly determines the function and cutting performance of the steel cutting machine. Comparatively speaking, by choosing more advanced and powerful off-line programming software with completely independent copyright, users will be able to better adapt to the changes of products and markets in the future. According to the changes of users’ needs, brand equipment can easily upgrade software products and improve process functions.

robotic plasma cutting machine price(budget)

robotic cnc h beam cutting machine

cnc robotic plasma profile cutter for sale has different models and function modules, so the robotic plasma cutting machine price is very different. Even if the same model selects different parts, the beam cutting machine cost varies much and the price difference is obvious.

Therefore, before purchasing, customers need to set a reasonable budget for the machine, and accordingly select the section steel cutting machine that is suitable for their own work requirements and within the budget range. Jeesun provided different working modes of robotic beam cut plasma machine for customers, such as single machine mode, automatic production line, etc.

At the same time, different brands of components can be selected according to customers’ specific requirements, such as Hypertherm plasma cutter from the United States, kellberg power supply from Germany, etc.

service & support

Before purchasing the cnc robotic H/i beam plasma cutter machine, we must carefully understand the strength and professionalism of the factory. The perfect after-sales service system and product integrity should be provided for large equipment like the robotic cnc steel beam cutting machine. After years of using of this machine, problems maybe arise, such as secondary development requirements, product upgrading, etc, which need to be comprehensively considered.

Jinan Jeesun CNC Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier specializing in R&D, sales and service of different kind of CNC plasma & laser machines, including cnc plasma table, plasma pipe cutter, cnc plasma tube cutter, robotic plasma cutting machine, metal laser cutter, laser pipe cutting machine, etc.

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