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CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine For Intersection Line: Complete Buyer Guide 2021


Intersection line cnc plasma pipe cutting machine, as an advanced pipe cutting equipment, is widely used in intersection profile cutting of metal structures and various pipe fittings, which meets the requirements of modern mechanical processing for the continuous improvement of cutting quality and accuracy, greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.

However, intersection line CNC pipe cutting machine is a kind of complex mechanical equipment, which is composed of various parts and systems. It is difficult for ordinary people to fully understand the intersecting line cnc plasma tube cutting machine, so it is difficult to choose the model suitable for their own work requirements.

At the same time, due to the incorrect use and lack of reasonable daily maintenance, it is inevitable to have various problems, which seriously affect the use function and life of the machine and cause some unnecessary losses.

In view of this, we introduce some aspects of the intersecting line pipe cutting plasma machine, hope it can serve as a reference to the user and potential customers.

Intersecting Line CNC Pipe Cutter Definition

Before understanding what is intersecting line cnc plasma profile cutting machine and how does a pipe cutter work, it is quite necessary to understand the meaning of intersecting line.

The shape of mechanical parts is often formed by the combination of two or more basic solids in different ways. The intersection of two solids is called the intersection of two solids. The intersection line is the collection of a series of common points on the surface after the intersection of two solids, which is generally shown as a closed curve. Intersection line belongs to the category of geometric research, which is often used in engineering construction and machining.

CNC intersecting line cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses CNC system to control the linkage of each axis of the machine tool to automatically calculate and cut metal round pipe, square pipe or special-shaped pipes.

It is suitable for cutting intersecting line end, intersecting line hole, pipe elbow (shrimp section), etc on all kinds of pipes. CNC intersecting line plasma pipe cutter machine is thus widely used in the fabrication of metal structural parts and cutting works of pipe structural parts in power equipment, boiler industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and other industries

Type of Intersecting Line CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Different kinds of intersecting line CNC tube cutter machines are available in the market whose functions and structures are quite different. How to distinguish the differences of intersecting line CNC tube cutting equipment? Actually, the intersecting line CNC pipe cutting machine can be divided into different types according to different classification standards.

According to the cutting mode, the intersecting line tube cutting cnc machine can be mainly divided into:

Intersecting Line CNC Pipe Cutter Oxy-acetylene

This steel pipe cnc plasma cutter machine has big cutting ability of thick carbon steel at low cost, however, there are some problems from it, such as large cutting deformation, low cutting precision, slow cutting speed, low production efficiency, long cutting preheating time and perforation time, which are difficult to meet the needs of high automation.

This CNC pipe plasma cutting machine is mainly applied for cutting carbon steel, especially large thickness ones, in medium and thin carbon steel plate cutting, the flame type intersecting line plasma pipe cutter is gradually being replaced by plasma cutting.

Intersection Line CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Machine

Intersection Line plasma cnc profile cutting machine is characterized of wide application(it actually can cut all metal materials), high cutting speed and working efficiency, the cutting speed can be as high as 10m/min or even more. With the rapid development of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness by plasma has exceeded 100 mm, which greatly widens the cutting range of CNC plasma intersecting line cutting machine.

According to the shapes of raw materials to cut, the intersecting line CNC plasma profile cutter can be mainly divided into:

Round Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine

Intersecting line round pipe cutting beveling machine is specially used for cutting works on round pipes, 2 kinds of steel pipe cnc plasma cutting machines are available in terms of the quantity of linkage axis: 3 axis cnc pipe cutter machine machine and 5 axis pipe cutting machine, which can respectively carry out 2D and 3D bevel cutting on main & brand pipes.

The pipe cutting machine automatic is equipped with heavy duty machine structure which is welded by steel tube & plates, also, the working size can be customized upon actual working requirements, thus is an ideal solution for industrial fabrication, especially steel structure, ship-building, machinery manufacture, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Applicable profile typeRound pipe
pipe diameterΦ50-Φ600 mm(can be customized)
pipe length6m(can be customized)
Cutting modePlasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting
flame cutting thickness6-180mm
plasma cutting thicknessdetermined by plasma power supply
Workpiece ellipse≤2%
Number of control axes3/5 axes
Torch lift strokeMax.300 mm
Cutting speed10-2000 mm/min
Moving speed10-6000 mm/min
Axial swing angel of cutting torchα=±45°
radial swing angel of cutting torchβ=±45°
Positioning accuracy±0.2mm

Advantages of 5 axis plasma pipe cutting machine:

1). Strong structure & long service time

Industrial-grade strong structure welded by square tubes and thick plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2). Advanced CNC system & software

Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, it can generate CNC codes from Auto CAD drawings to save operators’ and engineers’ time. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files.

3). High quality & advanced function

High quality & reliable main parts from top suppliers to guarantee the excellent working performance, including Panasonic servo, Hiwin guide rail, Nugart reducer, etc

4). Widely applications:

For a variety of cuts on pipes, including tees, miters, saddles, centerline offsets, multiple intersections, elbow supports, gusset slots, round, rectangular,s aw cut, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial off sets and baseline or work point offsets and other types of intersecting cuts.

Sample Works:

Special Shaped tube Cutting machine for sale

Intersection line CNC plasma tube cutter machine is specially designed for cutting works on square & rectangular tubes, some other profiles can also be cut, including channel steel, angle steel, U steel, beam profile, etc. Different kinds of tube cutter cnc machines are available in terms of the quantity of linkage axis, eg, 4 axis tube cutting cnc machine, 8 axis tube cutting machine automatic, which can respectively carry out 2D and 3D plasma bevel cutting on steel tubes.

The steel tube cnc plasma cutting machine is equipped with advanced control system & tube cutting software which makes the machine an ideal solution for industrial fabrication, especially steel structure, ship-building, machinery manufacture, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Applicable profile typeSquare, rectangular, angle steel, channel steel, beam profile, etc
Square/rectangular tube50×50-400x400mm
Pipe length6m(customizable)
Cutting modePlasma cutting/oxy-fuel cutting
cutting thicknessIn terms of plasma source
Cutting speed10-6000 mm/min
Moving speed0-8000 mm/min
X1: horizontal moving of spindle box in axial direction6000mm
X2: horizontal moving of trolley in axial direction6000 mm
Y1: Pipe rotary driving shaft360 ° freely
Y2: Pipe driven rotation shaft360 ° freely
A: Axial swing of torch ±60° 
B: Radial swing of the torch±55°
Z: Up-down moving of torch300mm
U: Front-rear moving of torch300mm

Why plasma tube cutter for sale:

1). Strong structure & long service time

Industrial-grade strong structure welded by square tubes and thick plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2). Advanced CNC system & software

Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules which can generate CNC codes from Auto CAD drawings; Human-computer interaction, simple and convenient to operate; Advanced profile cutting system based on AutoCAD platform, convenient and fast modeling, can directly generate standard G code.

3). High quality & advanced function

High quality & reliable main parts from top suppliers to guarantee the excellent working performance, including YASKAWA servo, Hiwin guide rail, Nugart reducer, etc

4). Widely applications:

Can cut a variety of cuts on square/rectangular tube, slope beam, H beam, angle beam, U /I beam of various metal materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, etc; widely used in warehouse buildings, marine engineering, curtain wall building, ship building, offshore construction industries, steel structure building, etc.

Sample Products:

Advantage of Intersection Line CNC Plasma Tube Cutter Machine

In modern industrial production, there are a large number of cutting tasks of pipeline structural parts, such as cutting & beveling of intersecting line hole, intersecting line end, elbow end and so on. In the past, traditional processing methods are mostly used for such works, including manual production template, line marking, manual lofting, manual cutting, manual grinding, etc.

It is difficult to meet the requirements of modern large-scale production because of its low efficiency, poor cutting quality, time-consuming and laborious. CNC intersecting line tube cutter machine has significantly improved this situation owning to its unique processing advantages:

High Automation:

Manual programming by operators (simple library programming is easy to understand and does not need professional designers docking) is not required for CNC intersecting line tube cutter automatic, just input the pipe parameters, such as pipe diameter, intersection angle, etc., the machine can automatically carry out cutting works, and manual intervention is not necessarily required, which not only improves the material utilization, but also can improve the cutting efficiency

Complete & Advanced Function:

CNC intersecting line industrial plasma cutter has a variety of different functions, such as cutting program memory, CNC cutting track keeping, automatic track demonstration, automatic pipe detection, profiling tracking, automatic CNC positioning, multiple speed control, groove surface cutting of fixed angle and variable angle, etc. These functions are powerful, which can ensure the perfect cutting performance of intersection lines.

Simple & Intuitive Operation:

The CNC control interface of intersecting line rotary tube cutting machine combines graphics and data, so the operation is very simple; the program selection of machine system is convenient and fast, the display surface is intuitive and simplified, the cutting precision is stable and reliable, and it has the characteristics of wide cutting range, high work efficiency and cutting precision.

Cost & Raw Material-saving:

The powerful system software can optimize the layout and nesting of raw materials and effectively reduce the waste of raw materials. Especially in the steel pipe truss engineering where many pipes exist. At the same time, the CNC intersecting line pipe cutting machine has a high degree of automation, which can significantly improve the work efficiency and greatly reduces the cost of raw materials and time, the economic benefits of enterprises thus can be greatly improved.

Widely Application

A variety of cutting functions can be realized by controlling the shaft connection during cutting, such as intersecting line and intersecting hole; fixed angle groove, fixed point groove and variable angle groove cutting; pipe out of roundness and eccentricity compensation.

Therefore, the plasma tube cutter is widely used in the fabrication of various metal structural parts, including electric power equipment, boiler industry, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and other industries,

Steel Tube Cutter Functions

Owing to its high efficiency, low cost and high intelligence, intersecting line tube cutters are used to all kinds of pipes, including round pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, angle steel, channel steel, section steel, etc.

Specific tube cutter function include:

* Cut a number of cylindrical intersecting line holes with different directions and diameters on main pipe to to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection of branch pipe axis and main pipe axis,

* Cut the cylindrical intersecting line at the end of branch pipe to meet the conditions of eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection and oblique intersection between branch pipe axis and main pipe axis.

* Cut the oblique section end face at the end of round pipe.

* Cutting pipe elbows and the inclined section at both ends of “shrimp section”

* Cut the intersection line at the end of branch pipe intersecting with annular main pipe

* Cut variable angle groove surface.

* Cutting square hole and waist hole on round pipe.

* Cutting a pipe saddle

* Cutting pipe at 45 degree angle and cutting tube angles

* Cutting off steel pipe

Intersecting line CNC tube cutting machine is widely used in the fabrication of all kinds of metal structural parts, including oil pipelines, steel bridges, curtain walls, chemical containers, amusement equipment, ventilation power, engineering machinery, refrigeration and heat exchange, three-dimensional storage, coal mining machinery, marine shipbuilding, etc

Steel tube cutting machine video

Intersection Line Tube Cutter Parts

Intersection line cnc plasma tube cutting machine is a complicated equipment composed of different function & units, main parts are as follows:

CNC System

As the core part of the whole equipment, the control accuracy of the numerical control system is guaranteed by the motion control card and the corresponding control software. Can be directly CAD drawing, with the library, directly in accordance with the label to fill in the parameters can be directly generated code. Complex through CAD drawing to edit, as long as draw the center line can generate three-dimensional pipe.


* Simulation tracking: when NC cutting machine is cutting, the system display interface has corresponding graphics to simulate cutting, and the actual cutting is indicated on the cutting graphics.

* System programming: simple cutting graphics do not need to go to the computer to draw, can be in the system according to the coordinate image limit positioning or G code positioning method in the system programming drawing.

* Power off memory: when the cutting machine is not completed, the system can automatically remember the cutting position after cutting interruption caused by power off, and continue cutting from the stop point when the next power is on.

* Batch cutting: when you need to cut multiple workpieces with certain graphics on the same plate, you only need to input one graphics and set the number and direction, and the system can generate the cutting by itself.

* Common edge processing: when inputting multi graph cutting, sometimes each graph will have the same route on both sides. If the system cuts strictly according to the graph, it will execute extra times of cutting on these common edges. Special shaped pipe cutting machine system with automatic optimization function, eliminating these unnecessary cutting route function is called common edge processing.

tube cutting nesting software

The pipe cutting optimization software is self-developed and can be upgraded late free of charge.

Advantages of tube cutting software:

(1).The utilization rate of the pipe is up to 99% by twisting the sleeve.

(2).Reverse calculation, calculate the length of the pipe according to the drawing.

(3).Compatible with third-party software, such as Tekla, 3D3S, CAD, Solidworks, etc., it can directly read Tekla three view drawings, batch conversion output, error reporting function, and can directly skip the wrong file

(4).Automatic selection of nesting mode. According to the same pipe diameter, the same wall thickness of the pipe selection of material saving, reduce the number of welding cutting.

Machine Frame

The machine frame is composed of two sections of the body, both of which adopt the box structure of steel plate welding, and are evenly distributed with stiffeners to improve the rigidity. Then it is welded with several rectangular tubes, and annealed to ensure the stability of the frame. The two sections of frame are connected by connecting plates to form a whole.


It is used to support the steel pipe extending out of the chuck. The height of the idler is adjusted by shaking the lifting screw, so that the two idler wheels on the idler contact with the lower part of the steel pipe, and the two ends of the steel pipe are in the same horizontal plane.

Guide Rail

* The longitudinal guide rail is made of high-strength rail, U71Mn material, 2m length and 24kg / M the guide rail is precisely treated and machined, and the main dimension accuracy of guide rail is 0.05mm

* The flatness of the guide rail is 0.02mm. When the guide rail is extended and installed, the guide rail is fixed at both ends with steel wire. By adjusting the height of the bottom plate and the left and right position of the guide rail, when the guide rail is adjusted to the required range of installation accuracy, the pressing plate is used to compress the guide rail, and the tension rod is used between the guide rails to ensure the cooperation between the guide rail and the guide rail.

Rack Pinion

The rack adopts pitch rack, because the distance of CP rack per revolution is an integer, it can greatly reduce the cumulative error of the machine, especially for the machine with long guide rail.

Drive Motor

The driving motor used in CNC cutting machine is divided into stepper motor and servo motor.

We generally use stepper motor: China staffon / Rexer. Servo motor:

Servo motor: such as Japan Panasonic, France Schneider, Taiwan Delta, etc

in the servo system, the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components is a kind of indirect speed change device of auxiliary motor. The servo motor is also called the executive motor. In the automatic control system, it is used as the executive component to convert the received signal into the angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft.

Stepper motor: such as China Starfire/leadshine, Chuangwei, etc.

Stepper motor is a kind of actuator that converts electric pulse into angular displacement. When stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle (i.e. stepping angle) in the set direction.

Angular displacement can be controlled by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning. At the same time, pulse frequency can be controlled To control the speed and acceleration of motor rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation.

Motion Axis & Linkage Axis

The axis of motion is the mechanical joint that the system can control the action, and linkage refers to the simultaneous action of several axes of motion. For example: eight axis seven linkage: there are eight systems in a machine that can control the movement of the joints. When working, the seven movement joints can run at the same time. CNC intersecting line cutting machine is mainly composed of the following motion axis:

* Rotary chuck

Composed of two chuck rotating shafts, one main chuck and one auxiliary chuck, mainly used for fixing pipes. The auxiliary chuck also plays the function of adjusting the level of square pipe. The box structure of steel plate welding is annealed and stress removed to ensure stability. The two shafts are servo motors

* Back-forth moving axis

The linear guide pair is used as the guide support and the ball screw pair is used as the motion executive element. The linear guide pair and the ball screw pair are installed on the x-axis sliding table seat, forming a whole structure, which has the characteristics of high precision, high precision and compact structure.

* Cutting torch Swing shaft

It is installed on the sliding table of the up and down moving shaft, which is mainly used to realize the swing of the cutting moment within ±60 °and complete the groove cutting of the workpiece. Such as fixed angle groove, variable angle groove, etc

* Cutting torch lifting shaft

With the linear guide pair as the guide support and the servo motor direct lead screw structure, the cutting torch position can be adjusted in real time, which ensures the relative position of the cutting torch and the workpiece and improves the cutting quality.

* Workpiece rotation axis

The servo motor is decelerated by the high-precision reducer and the power is transmitted to the self centering chuck which is installed on the slewing bearing through the secondary deceleration by the gear and external tooth slewing bearing, so as to drive the workpiece to rotate.
* Trolley side-shift shaft

It is an axis used in cutting square tube, which can move radially to cut square tube, slot and open hole, it d uses 750W servo motor.

Cutting System

There are mainly two kinds of cutting methods: plasma cutting and flame cutting. different kinds of plasma power supply are available for plasma cutting system to choose from, such as USA Hypertherm plasma cutterMiller plasma cutter, Germany Kjellberg, etc, which have the advantages of fast cutting speed and high precision. The plasma cutting angle can reach±45 degrees.

At the same time, the intersecting line robotic plasma cutter for sale is equipped with flame gas cutting system, according to the wall thickness of steel pipes, different types of cutting nozzles can be used and different gas & oxygen pressure settings should be set so as to realize the cutting of steel pipe with wall thickness of 5-50mm.

Plasma Arc Voltage Height Control

The torch height controller can adjust the height between torch tip and plate surface to keep it constant according to the set arc voltage value, and automatically controls the cutting distance to achieve the smooth and high quality cutting, greatly improving the cutting speed and working efficiency.

How to choose the best tube cutting machine manufacturers

The intersecting line tube cutting machine price and function are different from the general steel plate CNC cutting machine. Users are required to have a certain understanding of their own cutting requirements and intersecting line cutting machine. How to choose the best tube cutter manufacturer? What factors should be taken into consideration? Here jeesun CNC puts forward the following steel tube cutting guide to choose the best intersecting line cutting machine:

Cutting Mode of CNC Plasma Tube Cutter

There are mainly two kinds of intersecting line cutting methods: flame cutting and plasma cutting tube. Customers should decide the suitable cutting method according to the material and thickness of the pipe. Generally, flame cutting can cut most of metal materials and is mainly used for thick ones, whiles plasma cutting has higher cutting accuracy, but the cutting thickness is relatively small, for some materials, high alloy steel, stainless steel, etc, the plasma cutting can be better choice.

Pipe Size

Pipe size is another factor to be considered, including pipe diameter, length, etc. we need to choose the best model of intersecting line pipe end cutting machine according to the actual pipe diameter and length. Different intersecting line cutting machines are actually provided to meet different cutting requirements. For example, the diameter range of pipe/tube to cut can be 50-600mm, 30-1000mm and other ones. At the same time, customized service can be provided for pipes with special requirements. In general, the larger the pipe diameter is, the higher the price will be.

Axis Number of CNC Plasma Pipe Cutter Machine

The number of motion axis, especially the linkage axis, determines the cutting ability of intersecting line groove. At the same time, the number of linkage axes of intersecting line cutting machine is different, and the equipment price also varies greatly. For example, 3-axis (round pipe cutting machine) and 4-axis (square pipe cutting machine) are mainly used for cutting off and general shape cutting, but they can not carry out 3D bevel cutting, while 5 axis tube cutting(round pipe cutting machine) and 8-axis (square pipe cutting machine) can be used for 3D beveling in addition to general cutting off and shape cutting.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the axis number of the intersecting line cutting machine according to the cutting requirements of the intersecting line section.

tube cutting nesting Software

The intersecting line cutting machines produced by different manufacturers have the same number of linkage axes, and the ability to achieve intersecting line groove is not very different. However, the tube cutting software that are equipped with is different and the gap is obvious.

Main differences are as follows

1).The programming range of intersecting structure. Different intersection tube cutting nesting software can complete different ranges of intersections, especially for difficult intersections such as space triple-pipe and space cross truss, many programming software can’t realize that;

2).The graphic display mode of programming interface. A good intersection programming software should be able to display the three-dimensional structure shape of the pipe fitting, the expanded two-dimensional curve of the intersection line section, the three-dimensional image of the intersection line section from any angle, and the animation of simulation cutting according to the given intersection parameters;

3).The adaptability of programming software to the number of axes. When the number of linkage axes is different, the calculation formula of intersection programming software is different. The software of 4 linkage can not be simply used for 3 linkage. Some people mistakenly think that it is wrong to use 4-linkage software directly for 3-linkage without considering another swing shaft;

4).Processing ability of Programming data under special circumstances. Many intersection programming software have errors in data calculation under special circumstances. Such as data processing when the actual angle between pipe fittings is very small and the actual swing angle of intersecting wire cutting machine is limited;

5).The expansibility of programming scope. The vast majority of manufacturers of intersecting line purchase the intersecting line programming software of other units. When users have some programming extension requirements, they often can not get a better solution.

Maintenance of plasma pipe cutting machine

CNC intersecting line plasma tube cutter machine is widely used in industrial production because of its powerful function of automatic continuous cutting. However, CNC intersecting line cutting machine is composed of different systems and parts, only when each part perfectly work well with each other can they achieve a continuous cutting and high efficiency.

Therefore, the daily maintenance of intersecting line pipe cutting machine is particularly important. Let’s talk about some work experience and control skills of intersecting line cutting machine for your reference

Maintenance of CNC System of cnc plasma pipe cutting machine

■ Strictly follow the operating procedures and daily maintenance rules

Operators of CNC tube cutting machine should strictly abide by operation rules and daily maintenance standards. The quality of the operators’ skills and business is the key factor affecting the frequency of failure. When the machine tool is in trouble, the operator shall pay attention to the site and explain the condition before and after the failure to the repair personnel as the case may be, so as to analyze and diagnose the causes of the fault and clean it out in time.

■ Avoid dust dirt entering the internal of numerical control equipment

There are oil mist, dust and even metal powder in the air of the processing workshop. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic equipment in the numerical control system, it is easy to reduce the insulation resistance between the components, and even cause the components and circuit board damage.

Some users in the summer in order to make the CNC system overload long-term operation, adopt to open the door of the CNC cabinet to heat, this is a very undesirable method, which will eventually lead to the accelerated damage of the CNC system, should try to reduce the open CNC cabinet and strong current cabinet door.

■ Avoid overheating of the system

You should check whether each cooling fan on the numerical control cabinet works normally. Check whether the air duct filter is blocked every half a year or every quarter. If there is too much dust on the filter screen and it is not cleaned in time, the temperature in the numerical control cabinet will be too high.

Maintenance of Mechanical Parts of cnc plasma tube cutting machine

■ Maintenance of transmission system

Regularly check the smoothness of the transmission shaft, make up the oil quantity in time, clean the guide rail and lead screw, check the gear clearance and wear, check the motor vibration and heating condition

■ Maintenance of ball screw thread pair

Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of the screw thread pair to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness; regularly check whether the connection between the screw and the bed is loose; if the screw protection equipment is damaged, it should be replaced in time to prevent dust or chips from entering, and strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance guidelines.

■ Maintenance of spare equipment

When spare equipment is not used for a long time, it should be maintained regularly to avoid rust or failure of pipe cutting plasma machine.

■ Maintenance of Air pressure system

Regularly clean or replace the filter or sub filter screen of the air pressure system, and discharge the water from the water and air filter of the air pressure system.

■ Maintenance of machine tool accuracy

Check and correct the machine level and mechanical accuracy regularly. Generally, it should be carried out when the machine tool is overhauled, such as preloading the ball screw nut pair, adjusting the reverse clearance, etc.

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