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CNC Plasma Cutter Machine: 2021 Complete Buyer Guide

plasma cutting

CNC plasma cutter machine is an effecient machine equipment for metal fabrication. In recent years, with the increasingly strict requirements on working efficiency and quality in industrial production, the modern production mode represented by numerical control technology has gradually replaced the traditional production mode. As a typical representative of cnc cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine is being widely used in various industrial fields and has become an indispensable tool for metal cutting.

However, what is a plasma cutter? How does cnc plasma cutter work? How to choose the right cnc plasma cutting machine? What should we pay attention to at work? These problems make people who are new to Jeesun cnc plasma cutting machines at a loss what to do, this article introduces knowledge of plasma cnc machine from different aspects, hoping to help you better understand the plasma cutting machine, so as to help you choose a more suitable machine model.

What is a cnc plasma cutter?

Before purchase and proper operation of the best cnc plasma cutter machine, it is quite necessary for us to know what is a plasma cutter and how plasma cutter works.

How does a plasma cutter work?

There are four states of matter known to mankind, namely solid state, liquid state, gas state, and plasma state. When the gas reaches an extremely high temperature, it enters a plasma state, the energy begins to completely separate the molecules, and the atoms begin to split. The usual atoms are composed of nuclei, neutrons and neutrons, and electrons surrounding the nucleus. In the plasma state, electrons are split from atoms.

Once the thermal energy frees the electron from the atom, the electron begins to move at high speed. The electron is negatively charged, and the remaining nucleus is positively charged. These positively charged nuclei are called ions.

When the gas is ionized, the high-speed electrons collide with other electrons or ions, which will release a huge amount of energy. It is these energies that make the plasma state have special properties. When the clustered plasma is used for cutting, the metal is locally melted (partially vaporized) and the molten metal is blown away with a high-speed airflow at the same time, forming a narrow slit.

Not only the cutting speed is fast, but the slit is narrow, and the slit is narrow. It is flat, with little thermal influence, and little deformation of the workpiece. It solves the problem that many materials cannot be cut by flame.

Working principle of plasma cutter cnc machine:

plasma cnc machine is a kind of CNC machine tool which controls the movement of precision machinery through computer and servo system. It uses the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal at the workpiece incision, and uses the momentum of high-speed plasma to eliminate the molten metal to form the incision, so as to achieve fast and accurate cutting of any graphics.

plasma cutter cnc machine integrates the advantages of high-speed plasma and high-speed plasma Numerical control technology, computer software, hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the high-tech.

Because of its high speed, high precision and high automation, NC plasma cutting replaces the complicated and backward manual and mechanical operation. Because of its relatively small investment, simple maintenance and low operation cost. It is widely used in all kinds of metal processing industry.

Types of cnc plasma cutter machine

Jeesun cnc plasma cutter machines can be divided into different types in terms to different classification standards, such as:

According to the machine structure, it can be divided into:

Type 1: CNC plasma cutter table

cnc plasma cutter table, also known as cnc plasma cutting table, is one of the most economic and widely used cnc plasma cutting machines. All necessary parts are installed on the same machine platform to form an integrated metal cutting table, when working, the steel plate is placed onto the Jeesun cnc plasma table and the plasma cutting torch moves above the plasma table to carry out cutting.

Different models are available for the machine, such as 4×8 plasma table(4x8ft), 5×10 plasma table(5x10ft), etc, working size can also be customized upon actual working requirements. The affordable cnc plasma table is widely used for cutting of thin steel sheet in advertising, art-craft industries and metal fabrication workshops whose plates are generally below 25mm.

Technical Parameters of cnc plasma cutting table:

Working Area(X*Y)1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm/2000x4000mm/2000x6000mm
Z working area150mm
Machine StructureTable type machine structure
Drive ModeStepper/servo
Control SystemStart/ SJTU-CNC/Hypertherm, etc
Cutting thicknessUpon actual plasma soure
Cutting Speed0-8000mm/min
Working Voltage3-Phase 380V/2-phrase, 220V
Cutting accuracy±0.02mm

Advantages of cnc plasma table for sale:

1). Strong & compact structure

Strong structure welded by square tubes and plates to ensure high running accuracy; compact machine makes the moving easily in different working sites;

2). High cost performance

High quality machines equipped with top brands parts, different functions available for different industry fields; economic solution for home workshop & start-up entrepreneur at low costs;

3). Widely application

Suitable for cutting works of various metal materials in different industries, including CS, SS, aluminum, galvanized sheet, iron plate, titanium sheet, etc.

4). Market-oriented solution

Working size can be customized upon working requirement, also, different function modules are available for different works;

5). Advanced CNC system & software

Dynamic & static graphic display, different graphic can be drawn from graphic library for cutting without processing; Support USB flash drive, G code program can be converted from CAD file in computer and transmitted into machine; file can also be programmed & operated on the machine.

Function options for table plasma cutting machine:

Drilling system(MaxΦ13mm);

4th rotary attachment for round pipe;

4th rotary attachment for square/rectangular tube;

Water tank table;

Type 2: Gantry type cnc plasma cutting machine

Gantry plasma cutting machine is an ideal solution for industrial fabrication, especially steel structure, ship-building, machinery manufacture, etc. The cnc plasma metal cutting machine is equipped with heavy duty machine structure which is welded by steel tube & plates, also, the working size can be customized ranging from 2x4m to 8x20m or even bigger.

The oxy fuel cutting(flame cutting) is available for cnc plasma profile cutting machine, together with independent working platform, they make the cutting works on thick plates possible, also, other options can be available for the machine, such as drilling, 4th rotary attachment, fume-smoke removing system, etc, which provide different functions and guarantee the environmental-friendly for workers & engineers.

Technical Parameters of cnc gantry flame cutting machine:

Effective cutting width2-8m(upon working requirement)
Effective cutting length4-20m(upon working requirement)
Z working area200mm(upon working requirement)
Cutting modePlasma cutting/flame cutting
Plasma cutting thicknessUpon actual models of plasma source
Flame cutting thickness6-200mm
Driving modeSingle/bilateral-side-driven
TransmissionX/Y rack and pinion,Z Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Control SystemStart/ SJTU-CNC/Hypertherm etc
Cutting Speed0-3500mm per minute
Working Voltage3-Phase 380V/2-phrase, 220V

Advantages of gantry sheet metal plasma cutter:

1). Strong structure & long service time

Industrial-grade strong structure welded by square tubes and thick plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2). High cost performance

High quality machines equipped with top brands parts; different functions available for different industry fields;

3). Widely application

Suitable for industrial fabrication of various metal materials in different industries, including CS, SS, aluminum, galvanized sheet, iron plate, titanium sheet, etc.

4). Rich function options

Plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting, drilling, 4th rotary attachment, fume-smoke removing system;

5). Advanced CNC system & software

Dynamic & static graphic display, different graphic can be drawn from graphic library for cutting without processing; Support USB flash drive, G code program can be converted from CAD file in computer and transmitted into machine; file can also be programmed & operated on the machine.

Type 3: Portable cnc plasma cutter

The portable cnc plasma cutting machine is the most economic & entry-level machine, the portable cnc plasma cutting machine price can be very competitive and thus is widely used for home workshop & start-up entrepreneurs in metal fabrication fields, the portable plasma cutter can be assembled & dismantled easily even by fresh workers, making it possible to move around in different working sites.

Different models are available for the portable plasma cutting machine, such as 4x8ft, 5x10ft, etc, the working size can also be customized upon actual working requirements. The portable plasma cutter for sale provides 2 kinds of cutting mode for different materials: plasma cutting and oxy-fuel cutting, which can be shifted manually, easy to operate and maintenance.

Technical Parameters of portable cnc plasma cutter:

Working Area(X*Y)1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm/2000x4000mm
Z working area150mm
Cutting modePlasma cutting, optional flame cutting
Flame cutting thickness5-150 mm(O2/C3H8 or C2H2)
Plasma cutting thicknessUpon actual plasma source
Cutting Speed0-3500 mm/min(Max 4000 mm/min available)
Cutting accuracy±0.02mm
Type of gasPropane, Ethine
Working Voltage3-Phase 380V/2-phrase, 220V

Advantages of portable plasma cutting machine:

1). Compact & portable structure

Compact machine makes the moving easily in different working sites; the machine can be dismantled & assembled easily by fresh workers;

2). High cost performance

High quality machines equipped with reliable parts; economic solution for home workshop & start-up entrepreneur at low costs;

3). Widely application

Suitable for cutting works of various metal materials in different industries, including CS, SS, aluminum, galvanized sheet, iron plate, titanium sheet, etc.

4). Two cutting solutions

Both oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting can be provided for different cutting requirements, easy conversion and big cutting capacity.

Type 4: CNC plasma pipe cutting machine

cnc plasma pipe cutting machine is specially used for cutting works on round pipes, 2 kinds of steel pipe cnc plasma cutting machines are available in terms of the quantity of linkage axis: 3 axis machine and 5 axis machine, which have similar structure but different functions, and can respectively carry out 2D & 3D bevel cutting on main & brand pipes.

The cnc plasma pipe cutter machine is equipped with heavy duty machine structure which is welded by steel tube & plates, also, the working size can be customized upon actual working requirements, thus plasma pipe cutting machine is an ideal solution for cutting pipe with plasma cutter in industrial fabrication, especially steel structure, ship-building, machinery manufacture, etc.

Technical Parameters of cnc plasma pipe cutter:

Applicable profile typeRound pipe
pipe diameterΦ50-Φ300 mm(can be customized)
pipe length6m(can be customized)
Workpiece ellipse≤2%
Number of control axes3/5 axes
Torch lift strokeMax.300 mm
Tube maximum weight≤5,000 kg
Cutting speed10-2000 mm/min
Moving speed10-6000 mm/min
Axial swing angel of cutting torchα=±45°
radial swing angel of cutting torchβ=±45°
Positioning accuracy±0.2mm

Advantages of cnc plasma pipe cutting machine:

1). Strong structure & long service time

Industrial-grade strong structure welded by square tubes and thick plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2). Advanced CNC system & software

Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, it can generate CNC codes from Auto CAD drawings to save operators’ and engineers’ time. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files.

3). High quality & advanced function

High quality & reliable main parts from top suppliers to guarantee the excellent working performance, including Panasonic servo, Hiwin guide rail, Nugart reducer, etc

4). Widely applications:

For a variety of cuts on pipes, including tees, miters, saddles, centerline offsets, multiple intersections, elbow supports, gusset slots, round, rectangular,s aw cut, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial off sets and baseline or work point offsets and other types of intersecting cuts.

Type 5: CNC plasma square tube cutting machine

cnc plasma tube cutting machine is specially designed for cutting works on square & rectangular tubes, some other profiles can also be cut, including channel steel, angle steel, U steel, beam profile, etc. 2 kinds of tube cnc plasma tube cutter machines are available in terms of the quantity of linkage axis: 4 axis machine and 8 axis machine, which can respectively carry out 2D and 3D bevel cutting on steel tubes.

The cnc plasma tube cutter for sale is equipped with advanced control system & nesting software which makes the machine an ideal solution for plasma cutting tube in industrial fabrication, especially steel structure, ship-building, machinery manufacture, etc.

Technical Parameters of cnc plasma tube cutter:

Applicable profile typeSquare, rectangular, angle steel, channel steel, beam profile, etc
Diameter rangeΦ= 50×50-300x300mm(customizable)
Pipe length6m(customizable)
Cutting modePlasma cutting/oxy-fuel cutting
cutting thicknessIn terms of plasma source
Cutting speed10-6000 mm/min
Moving speed0-8000 mm/min
X1 axis: Axial horizontal moving of torch6000mm
Y1 axis: Pipe rotary driving shaft360 °
A axis: Axial swing of torch ±45°
B axis: Radial swing of the torch±45°
Z axis: Up-down moving of torch300mm
U axis:Front-rear moving of torch300mm
X2 axis: Torch axially along the tube axis horizontal positioning6000 mm
Y2 axis: Pipe driven rotation shaft360 °

Features of cnc plasma tube cutting machine:

1). Strong structure & long service time

Industrial-grade strong structure welded by square tubes and thick plates to ensure high running accuracy and long service time;

2). Advanced CNC system & software

Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules which can generate CNC codes from Auto CAD drawings; Human-computer interaction, simple and convenient to operate; Advanced profile cutting system based on AutoCAD platform, convenient and fast modeling, can directly generate standard G code.

3). High quality & advanced function

High quality & reliable main parts from top suppliers to guarantee the excellent working performance, including YASKAWA servo, Hiwin guide rail, Nugart reducer, etc

4). Widely applications:

Can cut a variety of cuts on square/rectangular tube, slope beam, H beam, angle beam, U /I beam of various metal materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, brass, etc; widely used in warehouse buildings, marine engineering, curtain wall building, ship building, offshore construction industries, steel structure building, etc.

In addition, other classification criteria are available, such as:

According to the working mode, the cnc plasma cutting machine can be divided into dry plasma cutter, semi dry plasma cutter, underwater plasma cutter;

According to the cutting quality, the cnc plasma cutting machine can be divided into ordinary plasma cutter, fine plasma cutter, laser like plasma cutter and so on.

Advantages of cnc plasma metal cutter machine

In recent years, with the emergence of cnc plasma metal cutting machine, the cutting efficiency of the cutting work has been greatly improved, as a new type of cnc profile cutting machine, cnc plasma cutting machine has the characteristics that the traditional cutting methods can not be compared, let’s understand the advantages of cnc plasma metal cutting machine here.

Wide cutting application

can cut nearly all metal materials, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) the cutting effect is better;

2). Good cutting quality and low labor cost

Excellent quality & low labor cost

Plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of non-contact processing which does not damage the surface and causes no deformation for the workpiece, the cutting quality is excellent with no burr, further polish process is not necessary and thus is not required, saving much labor intensity of workers.

cnc plasma cutter project

Save investment of mould & reduce production cost

Cnc Plasma cutting machine can directly cut all kinds of metal workpieces without mold, no mold consumption is thus produced, no need to repair and replace the mold, reducing a lot of mold cost and production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

High precision & high productivity

CNC Plasma cutting process has the characteristics of accuracy, flexibility and high efficiency, which can effectively process all kinds of complex parts. Just make the good cutting graphics and import them into the control system, you can set the size for cutting which helps to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, and effectively improve labor productivity.

Fast speed & optimized working environment

cnc plasma cutter kit has high cutting speed with low noise and no dust, it will not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, ensuring the clean and tidy production site and reducing the further investment and pollution.

Low maintenance cost & high cost performance

The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, the performance of cnc plasma cutting machine is stable and durable, it is not easy to be damaged and thus has a great advantage in the late maintenance cost.

Main parts of cnc plasma cutter

CNC plasma cutter machine is an integrated system composed of different units & components, each part has to be work together to achieve the perfect working performance, any faulted part will cause loss of the whole machine. Therefore, we need to carefully understand the components of CNC plasma cutting machine, only in this way can we better use the machine to achieve the ideal working state.

Numerical control system(CNC).

CNC system is the command system of cnc metal plasma cutting machine, the core of cnc system is industrial computer (or industrial controller) and a set of CNC cutting control software. The stability of CNC system directly determines the stability of the whole cnc plasma cutting machine for sale.

The cutting control software of CNC system provides all kinds of cutting technology and motion control methods for CNC cutting, which determines the cutting efficiency and cutting efficiency of CNC plasma cutting machine. Main CNC system available are Japan FANUC, Germany Siemens, Shanghai FSCUT, American Hypertherm, etc.

Optimization nesting software

Optimization nesting software is a kind of plasma cutting software which is quite necessary for effective use and efficient cutting of CNC plasma metal cutter machine, through automatic manual interactive fast nesting, automatic programming and efficient cutting process, it can greatly improve the nesting programming efficiency and cutting efficiency of CNC cutting machine.

The centralized optimization nesting of parts and raw materials, especially the optimization nesting of the whole board and the residual board, can effectively improve the utilization rate of material nesting. Main nesting software available are Kioke kap8030, Australia FastCAM, Beijing start, etc.

plasma cutter bed platform

The machine table bed is the working platform for the effective running of CNC plasma metal cutting machine. It is a whole system composed of some subsystems & parts, including:

*Machine structure and gantry beam

*Transmission system: linear guide rail(round and square), rack pinion and ball screw

*Drive system: motor (servo and stepper), driver, reducer, etc

The manufacturing quality & machining precision of the machine table, the selection of main parts, such as reducer, servo system and THC, all determine the function configuration, machine life, cutting quality and precision of CNC plasma steel cutting machine.

Plasma cutting system

Plasma cutting system is the direct execution unit of CNC cutting function, it mainly includes:

*Plasma power source

The cutting quality of plasma cutting machine is closely related to the quality of plasma power source. The high quality plasma power source is the guarantee of the excellent cutting quality. Plasma power sources from different suppliers & brands have much differences in the cutting ability, cutting performance, service life, price, etc. At present, main options of plasma power sources are as follows:

Domestic: Huayuan, time, suitable for cutting works whose requirements of cutting quality are not very strict and high.

Import: including hypertherm plasma cutter, miller plasma cutter, everlast plasma cutter, hobart plasma cutter, lincoln plasma cutter, lotos plasma cutter, eastwood plasma cutter, esab plasma cutter, thermal dynamics plasma cutter, etc. Excellent performance but high price, especially Hypertherm, Kjellberg, suitable for high quality cutting and that the groove is required to be as small as possible.

*Automatic height adjustment system,

In the process of CNC plasma cutting, the plasma cutting gun can automatically raise and lower according to the fluctuation of steel plate, so as to realize automatic height adjustment and ensure an excellent cutting quality and consistency of cutting process.

*Plasma cutting torch

The device is used to generate ion arc and also is the cutting tool, it is composed of nozzle, lower gun body and upper gun body. Nozzle is the core part of cutting torch, its structure shape and geometric size play an important role in plasma arc compression and stability.  

*Plasma cable, etc

In addition, options of other function modules and auxiliary systems can be available, including oxy-fuel cutting system, air compressor, dust removal system, automatic lubrication system, etc. These systems provide more function options, which help to improve the working efficiency, optimize the working environment and prolong the service life of the plasma cnc machine

What is a plasma cutter used for?

CNC plasma arc cutting machine can be used for cutting works of a variety of metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet and other non-ferrous metals, and thus is widely applied for various industries, including:

* Automobile manufacturing,

* Ship-building

* Machinery manufacturing

* Pressure vessels manufacturing

* Steel structure manufacturing

* Metal processing

* Ventilation and refrigeration manufacturing

* Elevator manufacturing

* Advertising

* Arts and Crafts


To improve the cutting quality & cutting performance of different materials, some advice are recommended as follows:

1).Select appropriate gas flow and cutting speed.

2).Ensure that the plasma arc power can meet the requirements.

3).Ensure the concentricity of electrode nozzle.

Which plasma cutter to buy & How to choose the best cnc plasma cutter

Many kinds of CNC plasma arc cutting machines are available on the market with different functions. what is the best plasma cutter for your work? how much does a plasma cutter cost? What factors should be paid attention to buy the best cheap plasma cutter? These problems perplex new users.

Actually, when purchasing CNC plasma arc cutting machine, we need to know well of the actual cutting requirements, such as material, thickness, working size, specific cutting requirements, etc, so as to make the best decision. Here are some cnc plasma cutter tips on how to choose the right machine, hoping it helps when you are new in the field:

Material to cut

CNC metal plasma cutting machine is mainly used in different cutting fields such as plasma cutting aluminium, plasma cutting copper, plasma cutting steel, plasma cutting brass,etc. If you want to cut stainless steel, you will have to choose plasma cutting machine! Otherwise, the processing effect can not be achieved with oxy-fuel cutting.

At the same time, the maximum cutting thickness of the same plasma power source for different materials is different. When the material to be cut changes, the maximum cutting thickness will also change. The descending order is: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, red copper, etc. Therefore, this point should be taken into account when selecting the actual type of cutting cutting machine.

Besides, the cutting material needs to be clear so as to determine which cutting method to take, plasma cutting or flame cutting.

Cutting thickness of plasma cutter cnc machine

Cutting thickness, as the most important performance index of cnc plasma sheet metal cutting machine, should be special paid attention to. When selecting the actual machine, users should make clear the cutting thickness of each material, which is extremely important for the future working performance and cost control.

1).The cutting thickness marked on document and instructions of plasma cutting machine manufacturer is generally the maximum cutting thickness, that is, the maximum thickness that the material can be cut off, but the speed often can not meet the needs of normal batch cutting.

When selecting the model of industrial used cnc plasma cutter, a certain amount should be added to the cutting thickness required for processing. It is suggested that 1.4 times of the required cutting thickness is the reference amount, eg, the plate thickness you often cut is 25 mm, 25 mm * 1.4 = 35 mm. If you choose the model with the cutting capacity of 35 mm or more, it will not only meet the needs of your cutting thickness, but also ensure a certain cutting speed.

2).Plasma cutting has advantages in thin sheet metal, with higher cutting precision and faster cutting speed, especially when it is used for cutting plates less than 20 mm. But for thick plates, the required plasma power source will be larger, so the purchase cost will be increased greatly.  

If the requirements of cutting quality for thick plate are not very strict, flame(oxy-fuel) cutting has more advantages and thus can be a better choice, because the flame cutting has bigger cutting thickness and smaller running cost.

3).No matter what kind of air plasma cutting machine, it has its own most suitable cutting size and range. Generally, low-power plasma source is suitable for cutting of thin plates. If the plasma power source is too large, the cutting performance will be degraded and thus is not suitable for thin plates! At present, domestic plasma power sources of 40-60a are mostly taken for steel plates less than 2mm.

Plate size for cnc plasma profile cutting machine

Plate size or working size is another factor needs to be taken into consideration, which directly determines the travel stroke and model of CNC plasma profile cutter.

The plate length mainly determines the length of longitudinal guide rail and the effective longitudinal cutting distance of cnc plasma steel cutting machine, and the width mainly determines the transverse moving distance(plate width) of the cutting nozzle of cnc plasma cutting machine. For example, if you want to cut 10 mm stainless steel with a size of 2.5 x 6 meters, you will generally be recommend gantry CNC plasma cutting machine of 4×15 meters or 4×15 meters series.

Quality of cnc plasma machine for sale

The quality of CNC plasma cutting machine is the problem that customers most concern. To solve this problem, customers need to carefully understand the production process of the machine, including machining accuracy of machine bed, quality of main parts, assembly process, etc. If conditions permit, customers are recommended a personal visit to manufacturer factory to check the quality & function of cnc plasma steel cutting machine.

1). Cutting speed of CNC plasma cutting equipment

Cutting speed directly determines the working efficiency of the machine and ultimately affects the profit of the enterprise. Main factors that determine the cutting speed of CNC plasma cutting machine are as follows:

*Model of plasma power source

Generally it refers to the output current of plasma power source, such as 40a, 60A, 100A, 200A, etc. The cutting current is different according to the different powers and the cutting speed is also different;

*Material of workpiece

The cutting speed is different for different materials. Among the common materials, the cutting speed of carbon steel & stainless steel are faster, cutting speed of cast iron is slightly slower, followed by aluminum, the slowest one is copper, because copper and aluminum are more difficult to cut and the cutting thickness of copper and aluminum, even by plasma power source of the same power, is much smaller than that of stainless steel and carbon steel.

*Field input voltage

Generally, the power supply voltage of the factory is 380V AC. due to the different conditions of each factory, However, the voltage fluctuates between 365v and 410v (of course, the difference is even greater in some places), so the input voltage is also a factor affecting the cutting speed.

2).Cutting accuracy of CNC plasma profile cutting machine

The main advantage of CNC cutting machine is to improve the cutting efficiency and cutting accuracy. For users, the more concerned problem is how to improve the cutting accuracy of CNC cutting machine. The factors affecting the cutting accuracy of CNC plasma steel cutting machine are as follows:

*Plasma power source must have enough no-load voltage to strike arc and keep plasma arc from extinguishing.

*No-load voltage and arc column voltage

Increasing the gas flow can not only increase the voltage of arc column but also strengthen the tightening effect on the arc column, which makes the plasma arc energy more concentrated and the radiation force stronger, thus improving the cutting speed and quality.

*Cutting speed

The best cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment instructions or determined by experiments. Due to the differences of materials, thickness, melting point, thermal conductivity and surface tension after melting, the cutting speed also changes accordingly.

*Gas flow

Too large or too small gas flow will affect cutting quality and service life of plasma cutter consumables. If the gas flow is too large, the arc column will be shortened and the heat loss will be too large, the cutting ability will be weakened until the cutting can not be carried out normally;

If the gas flow is too small, the arc column energy will be insufficient, the cutting ability will be reduced, the steel plate hanging will increase, and the consumables will be blocked, affecting the quality of consumables.

*Cutting current

The cutting current should be adjusted according to the actual situation. With the increase of cutting current, arc energy and cutting ability will increase too, the cutting speed will also increase accordingly; with the increase of cutting current, the diameter of arc will increase which make the incision become wider.

If the cutting current is too big, the thermal load of nozzle will increase, then the nozzle will be damaged prematurely and the cutting quality will decrease, even the normal cutting cannot be carried out.

*Precision and stability of torch height controller

The high precision and stability of torch height controller has a great influence on the quality of plasma cutting.

cnc plasma cutter price

This is a key problem. How to choose the best cnc plasma cutter? It is unrealistic and undesirable for customers to take chances and spend low prices to buy good plasma cutters. The quality of cheap cnc plasma cutter are relatively low, running cost will increase in the future cutting process. Once problems occur, the production efficiency will be seriously affected.

At present, cnc plasma cutter for sale are mainly divided into domestic and imported ones, in which the domestic ones are divided into low, medium and high grades, the cnc plasma cutting machine price are generally acceptable! And the price of import ones are almost several times higher.

In general, compared with cnc metal plasma cutting machine of the same specifications from domestic brands, the cutting effect of imported ones is slightly better, but the price and later running cost are very high!

Therefore, it is recommended that customers carefully understand their own work needs and make a reasonable budget before purchasing machines, and then choose the best cheap plasma cutter that are suitable for their own work requirements and within the budget to avoid inferior products and unnecessary costs.

After sales service

CNC plasma cutting machine complicated machine unit composed of different functional modules and components, no part can be guaranteed to be perfect and machine will fail to work from time to time, problems need to be solved to customers in time, so after-sales service is very important.

Maintenance & Repair Guide of cnc air plasma cutting machine:

The cnc air plasma cutting machine is widely used in various fields, in the process of cutting, however, how to use a plasma cutter? how plasma cutter works? Problems occur due to improper operation or maintenance is not timely, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Therefore, the daily maintenance of cnc plasma cutting system is very important. Here are some instructions on how to maintain the cnc plasma cutting machine and the safety operation process of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

Maintenance of industrial plasma cutter

1).Assemble the cutting torch correctly

Install the cutting torch correctly and carefully to ensure that all parts are well matched and that the gas and cooling air flow are smooth. During installation, place all parts on clean flannelette to avoid dirt sticking to the parts.

2) The plasma cutter consumables and plasma cutter accessories should be replaced in time before they are completely damaged

The consumable parts should not be replaced until being completely damaged, because the seriously worn electrode, nozzle and vortex ring will produce uncontrollable plasma arc, which will easily cause serious damage to the cutting torch. Therefore, when the cutting quality is found to decline for the first time, the consumable parts should be checked in time.

3).clean the connecting thread of cutting torch

When replacing consumable parts or routine maintenance & inspection, make sure that the internal and external threads of the cutting torch are clean. If necessary, clean or repair the connecting threads regularly.

4).clean the contact surface between electrode and nozzle

In many cutting torches, the contact surface between the nozzle and the electrode is charged. If there is dirt on these contact surfaces, the cutting torch will not work normally.

5).check gas and cooling gas daily

Check the flow and pressure of plasma cutter gas and cooling air every day. If the flow is insufficient or there is leakage, stop the machine immediately.

6).avoid torch collision damage

In order to avoid the torch collision damage, it is necessary to program correctly to avoid the system running beyond the limit, and the installation of the anti-collision device can effectively avoid the damage of the cutting torch during the collision.

7).the most common cause of torch damage

*Torch collision.

*A plasma arc that is destructive due to damage to the consumer.

*Destructive plasma arc caused by dirt.

*Destructive plasma arc caused by loose parts.


*Do not grease the torch.

*Do not over use the lubricant for the O-ring.

*Do not spray splash proof chemicals when the protective sleeve is still on the cutting torch.

*Do not use manual cutting torch as hammer.

Safety operation of CNC plasma metal cutter machine

In addition to the daily maintenance, in order to reduce the wear and accidental damage of cnc profile cutting machine, the staff need to do the correct safe operation, which is not only responsible for the equipment, but also for the personal safety of the staff

1).The operator must wear protective mask, welding gloves, hat, filter dust mask and sound insulation earmuff. Personnel without protective glasses are strictly prohibited to observe the plasma arc directly, and bare skin is strictly prohibited to approach the plasma arc.

2).When cutting, the operator should stand at the windward position. The air can be drawn from the lower part of the worktable, and the open area on the worktable should be reduced.

3).When cutting, when the no-load voltage is too high, the electrical grounding, neutral connection and torch handle insulation should be checked, the workbench should be insulated from the ground, or the no-load circuit breaker should be installed in the electrical control system.

4).The high-frequency generator should be equipped with shielding shield, and the high-frequency circuit should be cut off immediately after arcing with high-frequency.

5).The use of thorium and tungsten electrodes should comply with the safety operation regulations of relevant documents.

6).Cutting operation and cooperation personnel must wear labor protection articles according to regulations. Safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock, falling from height, gas poisoning and fire.

7).The electric welding machine used on site shall be equipped with rain proof, moisture-proof and sun proof shed, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment.

8).When welding or cutting at high altitude, safety belt must be fastened, fire prevention measures shall be taken around and below the welding and cutting, and special person shall be assigned to supervise.

As a precise CNC cutting machine, in addition to regular inspection, daily maintenance of CNC plasma metal cutting machine is also very important, but also to ensure the safe operation of the operator, so as to protect the operator at the same time to protect the equipment.

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